About Our Bike Story

In a complicated world, we use stories to make sense of what’s going on.

We repeat the most powerful stories, which then make their way through society. These stories are picked up by the media, our community leaders, and our elected officials. Policies and spending decisions follow, reshaping our society.

As Americans who advocate for safe places for families to ride, the stories we tell shape the public narrative – and deeply impact our effectiveness. If our stories are compelling, the chances increase dramatically that we will win on policy and funding.

We build our stories through using words, images, numbers and arguments. And critically, we shape our stories through who tells our story – the messenger is the message.

This site, for the time being, is run by Evan Manvel. For twenty years I’ve pushed for safer places for families to bike and walk. This site is based on the lessons I’ve learned, and am learning, in telling compelling stories. Welcome.

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